In these day you see the many advertisements of a smartphone whose name is ultron c10i max pro . These ads are seen in Youtube ,google, and also in Facebook. In these ads there is written its specification . which is as. 6 GB ram and 128 GB of rom & 3800mah of battery .  All of these specification's are given at a very low price of 3999/-

But now many question's are coming in the mind of many people regarding this smartphone like is this is real or fake , how to book these , what we get in the box ,all of your these question are get answered in this article . So read this article carefully so you can understand the reality of his smartphone.

If you click in these ads you are redirected in the website . In this website you see the 100 of smartphone and all of these phones are present under 5000/-. If you notice one thing that all names of smartphones are starts with ultron. before these you never hear the name of this company. This create a smart doubt in the mind .

Before I let you the truth of this smartphone I give you a important information that the same smartphone with same specification is present in a different website with a little change in the name . 
. So I will also tell you the truth of both of these website.


Now I tell you some fact That I notice in this website that prove that this is a fake site. Let's know these points quickly.
  1. First thing that I notice in this website is that . Here you see the a timer which is show that phone has low price due to sale that end after some time.
but this timer is never stop . This timer is start to create the psychology pressure in you mind that " if someone interested to buy this than he quickly buy this rather this sale is end" but this is a scam this is a fake.

2. In this website you has to no need to sign in & sign up . But in internet every e-commerce website firstly ask to sign in & sign up. This also indicate that this is a fake website.

3. In this website if you place an order or if put a wrong & fake address in than website not show any error and successfully and your are redirected to the payment page.
but every e-commerce website in internet place order if the address is write and they also verify the phone no.

4. In this website there is not ant option of cash on delivery is present . But all E-commerce website has COD option.

This is fraud ?

yes this website is a scam, fake and a fraud . If you place the order here than money will deducted from your bank & product is not reach to you . if reach than it in that condition that you not able to use .
making & selling smartphone a very essay process . But this company claim to sell 100 of model of phone but this is not known by a single people . no one see these phone's in reality also in social media.


This is a fake website and its work to make money from poor people . I request you to don't trust in this website . If you want to buy phone than only but from trusted website like Flipkart, Amazon etc. Share this article with your friend's and relatives so they also save their money from these frauds.

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