Iphone is a name that is known by the everyone. It is popular in word due to its quality. But only few people know the iphone Full Form . Some people think that it has no full form.

Nowadays Iphone makes a new identity in the smartphone word . what is iphone ? answer of this question is know by everyone but do you know iphone Full Form & what is its features ,why they are expensive?

but don't worry I will tell you full story of the Iphone in this article. After reading this article you know everything about the Iphones  & you become the fan of the Iphone. Some other questions are come in the mind of some people related to this like iphone ka full form, History of Iphone, what is iphone.

So firstly we know iphone ka full form. I clear your all doubt related the its full form.

iphone full form


 Many people are exited to know the its full form . But I tell you that I phone has no full form . IPHONE is itself a full form it is not a short form. But the word "I" has some meaning . Thats why it is used by the Apple company.

According to the  Steve Jobs, the "I" word in "Iphone" (and therefore "iPod", "iMac" and "iPad") stands for internet, individual, instruct, inform, and inspire.

So the meaning of I is all the positive things . 


So Iphone is a phone that is made by the apple company . As you know the most of name of  product of this company is start from " I" like Iphone, Ipad, Ipod etc. Iphone is works on the IOS operating system.

This is completely different from the android. All the other phone works on the android operating system. The biggest pro in Iphone is these phones are never hacked . Iphone is more safe than android & windows.


Now I tell you the those features that makes this phone expensive and popular .
  1. Apple make these phones. This is only brand that make its software & hardware itself . Means all component used in Iphone is made by apple. This is the reason its quality is top level.
  2. In these phone you get very less & negligible heating & hanging issue compare to other devices. They run smoothly.
  3. In these you get excellent CPU & GPU So its optimization & performance is increased . Du to these apps & games are run smoothly. 
  4. Iphone run on ISO operating system . This is best from other's. Apple regularly updates its IOS . This update is reach to the all the new & old iphones.
  5. The battery life of Iphone is batter than other. In older models their was some issues of less battery life but in new models . This is completely solved.
  6. The camera of these phone is unbeaten. The camera of these phones perform are like the DSLR cameras. This  is  reason that makes this so expensive.
  7. The feature of this phone is the excellent after sale service. The services of apple after sales is best than other.


Now I tell you the history of the Iphone is this the most interesting part of article. as many of you know the founder of apple is Steve Jobs. So Steve Jobs launch his first phone or Iphone in Jan 2007 in san francisco .
After launching Iphone apple makes a new revolution in smartphone industry . This is the first phone that comes with touch screen interface in the word. That is becomes a wonder in that time. But now it is common.
Apple sales 13million phones in just first 5 month of its launch . This no. reach to 70 million in just 3 years. This becomes a record in smartphone word. After this till [2020] 25 model of iphones are come to market.


I hope that this article helps you and now you know the answer of all the question that is in your mind . Know the iphone full form & iphone ka full form. If you find this article interesting & helpful  than please share this with your friends on social media. Don't forget to ask the question " what is Iphone full form " to your friends and relative.


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