Nowadays you see many ads of a tablet. Whose name is wizpad z1 pro . This Tab comes with a great specifications like 8 GB Ram and 128 GB Rom. If you get socked after hearing the its price this comes with a price of 3,999 /- . Now many people think that this fake . Many questions are comes in the mind of many people like WIZPAD Z1 PRO is real or fake , why this is not present in amazon & flipkart , how to book this, what comes with it, its unboxing.

Than don't worry I will give the answer of your all of these question. I will also share some facts related to this tablet . 

wizpad z1 pro


Before I give you the answer of your this question I will tell you the some facts that I has notice in its website. That is important to know . After reading this points you know that wizpad z1 pro is fake or real. These are as :-

1. In this website you has to no need to SIGN IN & SIGN UP when you book this. 

But all the simple & small e-commerce websites in internet ask to Sign In & Sign UP . I can't understand how this website verify the number and e-mail of anyone.

2. This website has no other social handles like twitter, instagram, facebook.

But very small brands in market has their social media  accounts. There is no place to raise you queries and complaints in this website. Means it has no customer support.

3. When you go to book this their is a option present where you can check the your PIN . That their was its delivery is present or not.

You get socked after hearing this that if you enter any of the any no even it is 1 digit,2 digit ,or any digit . But pin codes are always of 4 digit.

4.When you get the entering th address when you book this tab . Than you enter any random address or wrong address . Than this website don't tell any error in this and this redirect you to the payment page. 

5. When you reach to the payment this gives you great discount of 1000/- on online payment. If you choose the COD than it shows the error that they Don't use COD due to covid 19.

6. This wizpad z1 pro is is only present in the its own website . If this really gives this tablet . Than it is also present in the in flipkart & amazon  like website.

7. There no video on youtube, google & other social media present by big youtuber or influencer about its review & and unboxing.

reality of bookmtab

These all of points shows that this website is a fake and this table wizpad z1 pro is not present in the reality . Their is no image and videos are present in the internet that show this tablet . Show the unboxing and review of this Tablet,

Some over-smart people make the fake website and make the some images by doing photoshop . Promote this in youtube & google after paid  some amount .Start to doing fraud with innocent people and earn money by using cheap and worst tricks.

I will ask the people that don't believe this website and report this where you this website & and its ads.

I request you to share this article with you friends & relatives . So they get also aware from this fraud.


I hope now you know every thing about the BOOKMYTAB and you also get all information regarding the WIZPAD Z1 PRO IS REAL OR FAKE .  you should aware from such a websites and the scams. I request you to share this article with you friends, family members and relatives . So they get also get aware from such type of scams and save their money . Their more website of different products are present they also you such a cheap tricks. 
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