If you are a youtuber and you want to buy a cheap lavalier or coller mic for recording audio under 1k INR . Than  there is two option that you get very place . Most of people are get confused in these option. Because both the mic are very similar . 
So don't worry I will clear your confusion give you the complete information about both of them. Tell you which perfect for you.
boya m1 vs digitek mic


This a coller and lavalier microphone that is very popular in the market . This mic maintain his popularity form 5 to 6 years . because this is cheap and record the best quality of sound . This microphone comes at a price of 900 to 800 in India . One more reason for he popularity of this mic is that . This mic support all the device like laptop ,camera ,dslr , mobile and the table . 
This Boya microphone is comes with a wire of 20 feet long . This is good but some time this cable is not managed by people and it gets breaks and . Your microphone is stop working.
This is main problem for this mic. 

This mic is not comes with any warranty . This is a drawback of this microphone according to me . 

But now a Microphone is present in the market that solved the this problem .Yes that is Digitek  lavalier microphone. Now i tell you about this microphone.


Recently Digitek is also launch lavalier or coller microphone in competision of the Boya ny m1. This microphone comes in two models one is DM-01 and another is DM-02.


 The DM-01 is comes with the cable length of 20 feet. This one comes with the warranty of one year that is a great thing under this price range. This models is comes at the price of  700 INR in Amazon in India. Its price is fluctuate according to time . This is a great choice for youtuber if this comes at price less than the boya mic.


 Don't worry if you want the short length microphone than its second model is perfect for you .This microphone comes at a price of the 400 INR . Its length of wire is 10 feet that is great for a normal video creator . This one comes with the warranty of 6 months . 
This microphone is supported both mobile and as well as other devices like camera, laptop, tablet ,etc.

This is great pick for whose they are beginner and not sure about the creating content .


The both of the mic is great but if you are a beginner  than I will suggest you  to go with the Digitek DM-02. If you are at advance level audio creator than you will go with the Boya By M1 and DIGITEK DM_01 . That one cost loss and save your money. Because both sound quality is same . But a small difference in build and packaging. Boya gives you premium packaging and metal build but digitek use plastic at some places.

I hope now our all doubt related to the digitek and boya mic is get cleared and you get the answer of your all the questions. If you like our article than please share this with your friends and relative. 
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