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Today I want to tell you that how you can read the RBSE all classes solution.so basically it is a website which provides the the solution of all rbse book. In this website you got the solution in both languages Hindi and English.

You can understand the whole process by following these steps and watching this video:

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Website link:-


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How to select medium:-

You can see the solution of your book in both languages Hindi and English. In rajasthan board most of students are reading in the Hindi medium so this website provides solution of books in Hindi language also.you can select the language by clicking on "solution in hindi medium" after selecting your class and subject.

Your can follow these steps for RBSE solutions:-

1. Open the Google and search"RBSE solution"

rbse solutions

2.Open first site
3. Choose your class by scroll down
4.select your subjet
5.select your medium Hindi and English

Which classes solution are present:-

In this website you get the full solution of class,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.
In both the language Hindi and English. You get the solution of class 11th and 12th all the streams (arts, science, commerce,). In both medium hindi and english. This website is very useful for the students of RBSE. The website was closed for some time for some hours because of the large traffic on the website. So you are not vary about it.
Because the website provides you the free solution of all books of Rajasthan board so in this website you has see ads at many times.
Now to see your solution and solve your problem by useing the website. The link of the website is provided in the upper part of the this blog. So you can visit the website from this link.

If you have any double than watch the above video .

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