ICSE Board Full Form || Features of ICSE Board .

ICSE Board Full Form:-

If you are student and you want to know about the ICSE Board Full Form. Than this is the write place where you got the all answers regarding your all questions. In this blog you get the complete information regarding the ICSE full form and its other features or Drawbacks. Some people are confused in CISE,CBSE  and ICSE  full form so your all confusion are get clear in this article .

After reading this article completely you get a define knowledge on only for ICSE Board Full Form but also other things related to it that is important for you . Before you know about its full form you need to know about the definition of the ICSE.

What is ICSE :-

The council for Indian school certificate conduct a exam for class 10th which is called ICSE . which is privet non government board . Its class 12th examination is known as the Indian school certified [ ISC]. Now i hope that you understand that what is ICSE . In simple words it is a examination for class 10th that conduct by the a non government board . That conduct syllabus as well as examination.

ICSE Full Form In English

In simple words the full form of icse board is as 

CISE full form:-

Now in your mind a question is coming that what is cise and what is its full form. Firstly I tell you that CISE is a non government board that conduct the examination of ICSE[10th] and ISC[12th] . I hope now you understand the difference between ICSE and CISE . Basically CISE is a NON government board that conduct the examination for students of class 10th which is called ICSE.
Now we should Discus about the full form of CISE . so its full form is as 



The icse has many feature some of these features we are going to discus .
  1. Curriculum Design :- Respective division of ICSE and ISC board .
  2. Books :- allow schools to select text books 
  3. Passing Marks :- 40% minimum marks in all subjects are required.
  4. Subjects:- The icse has following subjects. Hindi,Marathi,Mathematics,Science,Social studies,Economy,Home science,Drawings,Crafts,Physical education are the subjects.
  5. Overall development ;- The icse board focus in overall development of all the students.
  6. Enhance academic as well as non academic activities.
  7. Focus in English :- The icse board gives more focus in English subjects.

Now in your mind a question is comeing that if we compare icse board with cbse board than which is better for you and your children. Now we are going to compare the both the boards corns and pros. Firstly we are going to discuss about the cbse board than we discuss about the Icse board.


1.Both medium is present Hindi and Hnglish.
2. CBSE board has mainly 6 subjects.
3. CBSE is certified by the Indian government.
4.The school of this board present in large no. than ICSE schools.
5.This board is always in front to provide the scholarship .
6.The cbse has follow the NCERT books which helps the students preparing for the medical and engineering.
7.This board also gives their focus in sports and other activities.
8.The student of CBSE are score more marks than the ICSE students because icse has a huge syllabus .
9.CBSE schools has more extra facilities than the ICSE schools.
10.IN CBSE schools burden of study is less than the ICSE schools.
11.Average focus in English subject.
12. Very easy to get admission these school .
13. NCERT books are updated regularly.



1.ICSE gives more focus on English content.
2.So students are weak in science and math subjects.
3.This board is present in only English medium.
4.This is non government board.
5.Icse has mainly 12 subjects.
6.This focus on the experimental education rather than books education.
7.ICSE board schools are present in few in numbers .
8. ICSE board books are not updated regularly.
9.This board is not support sports and other activities at large level only school level activities are done.
10.Low number of ICSE board schools are present so less chance so admission.
11.The students are score less marks due to more books.
12. hard to get admission in these schools.


  1. The CBSE students score more marks than the ICSE students due to less books.
  2. In numbers the CBSE schools are much more because government many ICSE schools in CBSE due to their British Education System.
  3. The English of ICSE schools students are much better than the CBSE schools students.
  4. The students of ICSE are proud on their admission due to less ICSE schools.
  5. The syllabus of CBSE is easy than the ICSE.
  6. In ICSE board students are prepare for the future.


I hope now you understand the things related to the ICSE full form . Now you get the all information regarding this topic full form of icse board. I hope now you understand the CBSE vs ICSE board fight . You are able to choose a right board for you & your children. Finally i want to tell you that please think hard before taking any decision on CBSE VS ICSE. If you like this article than please share this article with your friends also so they get also helped and to your parents and children so they understand the whole things. 

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