ATM full form explained in detail.

ATM full form is a widely askable question iin examination. In day today life everybody is used or at least see the atm . But only some people know atm full form.

atm full form

Basically atm is a electrical machines from which you can withdraw deposit and which provides normal banking facility all time is called atm. Basic banking facility means deposit, withdraw of cash and checks. All time means 24×7 hours active. This is the definition of it but its full form is different. Many people are used the wrong full form of atm which is"all time money" but this is not a correct meaning. I will tell you the the correct meaning of atm.  Some people are known its meaning but they don't know about its history, how it works,its facts, its types in a easy language.

What is atm full form :-

There are many long form of atm in different departments. But today we are discussing about atm full meaning in english, chemistry.  Because these are two department where its full form is mostly asked and people are mostlyconfused in these two departments. We aslo gives a Deep knowledge in working and history of atm. So read this article complete to get a detailed information.

atm full form in english:-

THE atm full form in english is given as:-


This is most common atm full meaning. This long form of atm is mostly used in all over the world. More information about atm machine is given in below. Other long form of atm is given in below also read it. You other questions like how atm works,its history,its types is given in below.

atm full form in chemistry:-

In chemistry its meaning get complete different from its meaning in english because chemistry is a different department. In chemistry the atm full form is atmosphere pressure the firstly atm in chemistry is introduced by the pascle 
 So it is measured in pascle.

atm full form in computer:-

In computer and it the word atm stand for the Asynchronous transfer mode . Basically it a data transfer mode of computer. This term is used to indicate the data transfer.
What is atm full form,atm full form

History of atm:-

The firstly atm is introduced by the JOHN SEFERD BARON in 1960. The idea of making atm machine is come on his mind when he was bathing. John seferd was a India' origin. Mr john john seferd was born in 23 june 1925. He through that a we should make a machine from which cash comes out. 
The world first atm machine is established in 27 june 1967 in London by Barclays Bank.
Mrs john seferd was die in a age of 84 year but they give a unique gift to world called atm machine. These are many other interesting facts regarding the atm is given in below. 

Working  of ATM:-

Now in your mind a some questions are raised that how the ATMs are now we are discussing about atm machine working process.
When atm card is inserted into the atm then the scanner Scan the magnetic stripes behind the atm card. Now the data send to the your bank . Than the respect bank server read the data and sent the account information to the atms. But this process is very fast it takes less than a minute.

Now you have to insert you pin [ personal identification number]. Now atm is verified you not it shows showed some nevigation bar. Tap on options that you need.

If you need the cash than as per your command the atm is count the money . It is so accurate in counting because scanner are present to scan thinness of notes. If a note is more or less thick than it is rejected and send to a separated bin. The Bank employees collect these notes.

Types of ATM'S:-

In the world there are many types of ATM'S are present but we are discussing about the most popular and usable atms.

Bank's own atm:-

These types of ATM'S are constructed and maintenance by the banks. In these type of atms banks logo is present.
In these type of atms banks invest on infrastructure, facility,and other works.

White label ATM:- L

These types of ATM'S are nor made and run by banks but these are made and run by non banking entities. Means a different company operates and maintenan these atms. Most of these atms are located in remote areas.

Brown label ATM:-

Such types of ATM'S which is own and maintenan by the service provider but the networking and cash related work done by banks is called brown label ATM.
In these logo of bank is located.

Online ATM:-

These atms are connected to the online servers of bank to detect the account information of a person. These ATMs are connected to atms by tje the broadband, satalite etc.

Offline atms:-

These ATMs are present in remote areas due to lack of internet and poor connection. These atms are updated regularly and manually

Green Label ATM:-

Green Label ATMs are used for transaction related to agriculture and farmers . The Green color indicate the crops. 

Pink Label ATM:-

Generally the pink label atms indicate women transactions, it means these atms are used by womens only.

Yellow Label ATM:-

In yellow label atm only share transaction are done .These are used for purchasing share and securities

Biometric ATM:-

In these atm biometrics are used for the transactions like fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, etc.

These are the generally most common types of atm which are asked in the examination . ATM has many other types but these are not so important.
Atm full form in computer

Security of atm

The security of atms are very high rather we can hear the news of atm robbery so we are discussing about security of an atm . 
The ATm is less with latest security features so it cannot be robbed easily. The cameras and security guards are available all time in the atms . 
These atms are less with GPS so these can be tracked easily if stolen due to presence of GPS
The ink packets are present in the drawers in which notes are stored , when any person open the drawer without its original keys the ink packet will blast and all notes are destroyed by the ink released from the ink packets.
But all these are not able to save atms from scammers as they stole money by using tricks like atms card cloning , by using microcameras for detecting the pin (personal identification number) of customers using ATM for doing transactions .

Fact of atm

There are some interesting facts related to atms and its innovation .
  1. The John Seferd Baron thought of making atm and get this idea from chocolate machine.
  2. He want to make Pin number in six digit but his wife suggested him four digit pin .
  3. The first atm in india was established in Mumbai in year 1997 by HSBC(honkong and shanghai banking corporation).
  4. The indian first white label atm was established in Thane.
  5. The first mobile atm of india is established by icici bank.
  6. The first talking atm of india is established in ahemdabad (gujarat) by UBI(Union Bank of India).
  7. The first indian floating atm was established in kochi , kearala by SBI.
  8. The first gold giving atm was established in Abu Dhabi ,UAE.
  9. The worlds highest atm was present in nathula(india) , it is established for the army. It is present indi china border.
  10. The world alone atm was present in antartica .
  11. In some atms transactions are done without atm cards by the help of biometrics.
These are the some intersting facts of the atm.


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